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Seatbelt and safety rope are different. Do you know?

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Seatbelt and safety rope are actually a pair of combined equipment. They are usually used in conjunction with each other. Here's the difference.
Seatbelt: Individual protective equipment to prevent workers from falling or hanging safely after falling.
According to the different conditions of use, it can be divided into the following three categories:
1. Seatbelt for fencing operation: The human body is bound near the fixed structure by a rope or belt around the fixed structure, so that the operator's hands can carry out other operations of the seatbelt.
2. Zone Restriction Seatbelts: Seatbelts used to limit the range of movement of operators and to avoid their arrival in areas where they may fall.
3. Falling Suspension Seatbelt: When working at high altitude or climbing personnel fall, the seatbelt will be suspended by the operators.
Safety rope: Safety rope is knitted with synthetic fibers. It is an auxiliary rope used to connect safety belts. Its function is double protection to ensure safety. General length of 2 meters, but also 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters, more than 5 meters of safety rope used as suspension rope. Methods of use are:
1. Parallel safety rope, which is used to move horizontally on the steel frame. Require a smaller elongation, and a higher slip rate, generally using wire rope injection to facilitate safe hooking on the rope can move easily. The inner core of the steel wire is 9.3mm and 11mm, and the outer diameter of the steel wire is 11mm or 13mm after injection. Widely used in the installation of steel frame in thermal power engineering, and installation and maintenance of steel structure engineering.
2. Vertical safety rope, used for vertical up-down movement of protective rope. With the use of climbing self-locking device, both braiding and twisting can be done, and the tension strength required by the state must be achieved. The diameter of the rope is between 16 mm and 18 mm.
3. Fire safety rope for high-rise escape. There are two kinds of knitting and stranding, strong, light, beautiful appearance rope diameter in 14mm - 16mm, a buckle, with a safety card lock. Tensile strength meets the national standard. Length is customized according to user's needs. Widely used in modern high-rise, small high-rise building households.
4. Outer wall cleaning rope, main rope and auxiliary rope. The main rope is used to clean the seat plate with suspension, and the auxiliary rope is used to prevent accidental fall. The diameter of the main rope is 18mm-20mm. The rope is required to be strong, non-twisting and high tensile strength. The diameter of auxiliary rope is 14mm-18mm. The standard is the same as other safety rope standards.